Approach Posted by BespokeWoodWorks August 27th, 2016



At Bespoke Woodworks each piece is custom designed and built based on the needs of our clients.


Bespoke Woodworks offers full design services, but also welcome third party designs.  The goal is to ensure a solution where artistry and functionality meet.

Technical Drawings:

Final designs, project specifications and field measurements are translated into technical drawings and CNC (computer numerical control) programs. Once approved, fabrication is ready to begin.


Approved projects enter production. Raw material are converted into final product. Numerous machines are used to cut, sand, and drill.


Finish is applied in our state of the art spray booth.

Meet one of our finishers.


Upon completion, projects are delivered and installed. Due diligence in the drafting phase, combined with precision fabrication, is the key to a smooth install.