Cabinets, Mooresville, NC Posted by Matt June 14th, 2017

Cabinets, Mooresville, NC

We want your Mooresville, NC kitchen & bathroom cabinets to have both functionality and beauty.

CabinetsThe cabinets in your home there for a reason – to provide storage for the items in various rooms of your home. You likely have cabinets in your kitchen and bathrooms. You might also have cabinets in your garage, pantry, bedrooms, living room, office/den, foyer or other rooms. The right cabinets offer you the ability to be organized and tidy, but it is also important that they add to the beauty of your home. At Bespoke Wood Works, we want your cabinets to have both functionality and beauty. We take both of these into consideration when we design and build custom cabinets.

  • Functionality: We never let beauty become so front-and-center that your cabinets lack the ability to provide the best in functionality. Without functionality, you will grow to hate them because you will either not have enough storage space or find it difficult to keep your belongings organized in them. We include the components and hardware needed to use every available inch of space effectively. We listen carefully to your needs when designing your cabinets, so any special needs are addressed.
  • Beauty: Your cabinets should provide a feast to your eyes, in addition to being functional. We accomplish this by listening to you about the style you desire, whether that is traditional, modern, rustic, contemporary or something else.

If you are looking to replace cabinets in your home, or add cabinets to a room that needs storage solutions and beauty, give us a call. Our family-owned and operated woodworking company has been designing and crafting cabinets in the Mooresville, NC area for over 10 years, so we are confident we can give you the cabinets that meet all your needs.



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